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District Office Staff Directory

 Name:  Colleen Almousawi  District Office
 Position:  Lead Secretary Student Services
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x234  Website:  Link
 Name:  Richard Arnett  District Office
 Position:  Supervisor
 Subject/Department:  Maintenance  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-2302 x230  Website:  Link
 Name:  Robin Bessey  District Office
 Position:  Accountant Assistant
 Subject/Department:  Business Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x237  Website:  Link
 Name:  Kristen Cashman  District Office
 Position:  SLP
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  PTR
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  John Clough  District Office
 Position:  Executive Director of Student Services
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360.893.6500 x233  Website:  Link
 Name:  Barbara Coty  District Office
 Position:  Assistant Secretary
 Subject/Department:  Superintendent's Office  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x270  Website:  Link
 Name:  Michelle Curry  District Office
 Position:  Superintendent
 Subject/Department:  Superintendent's Office  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x222  Website:  Link
 Name:  Ryan Ferguson  District Office
 Position:  Behavioral Intervention
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360.893.6500 x234  Website:  Link
 Name:  Cliff Fries  District Office
 Position:  TOSA/EdTech
 Subject/Department:  Technology  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x288  Website:  Link
 Name:  Jill Garcia  District Office
 Position:  Assessment Technician
 Subject/Department:  Teaching, Learning and Assessment  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x235  Website:  Link
 Name:  Lori Gosney  District Office
 Position:  SLP
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OPS & OHS
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  Erik Hansen  District Office
 Position:  Maintenance
 Subject/Department:    Grade:  
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  Jada Helgeson  District Office
 Position:  COTA
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  David Hilton  District Office
 Position:  Specialist/Vision
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OPS & PTR
 Phone:  360.893.0595 x56701  Website:  Link
 Name:  Kendre Howland  District Office
 Position:  SLPA
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OPS
 Phone:  360.893.2248 x5130  Website:  Link
 Name:  Matthew Hundven  District Office
 Position:  Computer Tech II
 Subject/Department:  Technology  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500  Website:  Link
 Name:  Samantha Ingham  District Office
 Position:  SLPA
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  PTR & OMS
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  Carrie Joy  District Office
 Position:  Human Resources Specialist
 Subject/Department:  Human Resources and Employee Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x229  Website:  Link
 Name:  Denise Kartes  District Office
 Position:  OT
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OPS & PTR
 Phone:    Website:  Link
 Name:  Brianne King  District Office
 Position:  Director of Finance & Operations
 Subject/Department:  Finance  Grade:  
 Phone:  360.893.6500 ext.223  Website:  Link
 Name:  Grettel Kintigh  District Office
 Position:  English Language Learning - Instructor
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OHS, OMS, PTR & OPS
 Phone:  360-893-0595 x56208 (PTR) & 360.893.2248 x (OPS)  Website:  Link
 Name:  Ginnii Laurie  District Office
 Position:  Webmaster/Tech
 Subject/Department:  Technology  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x230  Website:  Link
 Name:  Hidemi Marnell  District Office
 Position:  Psychologist
 Subject/Department:  Special Services  Grade:  OPS & PTR
 Phone:  360.893.2248 x5129, 360.893.0595 x56210  Website:  Link
 Name:  Dajana McNabb  District Office
 Position:  District RN
 Subject/Department:  Health Services  Grade:  
 Phone:  360-893-6500 x241  Website:  Link
 Name:  Laurie Olson  District Office
 Position:  Para Educator
 Subject/Department:  O.A.S.I.S.  Grade:  
 Phone:  253-732-3289  Website:  Link