Welcome to the webpage of Principal!

Orting School District exists to prepare Orting students for college, careers, and life.

That’s why the Orting Primary School vision milestones are:

1)   Every child a reader by age 9 and

2)   Bringing every student to benchmark through early intervention.

Did you know…When a student graduates from high school, he/she improves the chance of:

·     Entering the middle or upper income levels

·     Living up to ten years longer

·     Having a healthier life and

·     Staying out of prison.
Based upon third grade reading scores, we can predict:
  • Who has the best chance to graduate from high school and
  • The number of prison beds needed in years to come.
        (from Eric Jensen, author of "Teaching with Poverty in Mind", 2012)
It's never too early to start learning!