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  • Mission: To use 21st-century teaching, learning and leading skills to prepare students for college, careers and life in a diverse, global society.

    Education Technology StandardsThe standards for educational technology are designed to reach across the digital divide among K-12 schools. Developed as grade level expectations for digital technologies, the new standards work compatibly, and practically, within the current teaching and learning environment.

    Technology Literacy is the ability to responsibly, creatively and effectively use appropriate technology to:

    • Communicate.
    • Access, collect, manage, integrate and evaluate information.
    • Solve problems and create solutions
    • Build and share knowledge.
    • Improve and enhance learning in all subject areas and experiences.

    Technology Fluency is demonstrated when students:

    • Apply technology to real-world experiences.
    • Adapt to changing technologies.
    • Modify current and create new technologies.
    • Personalize technology to meet personal needs, interests and learning styles.


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