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    Hello Ptarmigan Families,

    I just wanted to update you all on where we have been, and where our next steps are as a school and our next steps moving forward in this process. I know we are a strong school family, and as a family, we will continue to support each other as we always have. As you know, we closed school on Monday, and staff have had a few days to get their families and lives in order as we move on to the next steps in this ever evolving process. In the past days, Principals along with other district leaders have made decisions about what these next weeks will look like. These truly are unprecedented times and we adjust as we learn more each day. Please know that every single person in our school district is doing their best to adapt to this “new normal.” Changes though, are just that changes, and they do take time, thought and planning before we move forward.

    Here is our current reality. I am aware that as I write this it could all change as soon as I send it out.

    As you know, we have closed all school facilities to students and staff. Pick up of student essential items, such as band instruments and uniforms will be allowed tomorrow, but we cannot have students coming in to clean out desks or look for lost items. We know that we will not see students before April 27th which creates many needs for our students as we chart these new waters, and at this time, all we can do is keep trying to make decisions keeping everyone’s health and safety as our top priority.

    Currently food services are up and running with meals for students, which include a lunch and breakfast for the next day are available for pick up Monday-Friday from 10:30-12:00 at Orting Middle School. There are also delivery options!

    I know that regarding academic content this time is a concern to our families as well as our staff. This long of a break is something as a mom, and as a principal I could never imagine. We are working hard to mitigate the loss of learning opportunities to students as much as possible. As we meet with instructional staff in the upcoming days we will be sending materials home to families through email beginning on Friday, March 20th. As the weeks progress, expect that there may be changes in the work, but that our goal is to continue to provide engaging learning opportunities for your students. Please continue to engage with your students, stay healthy, and connect with each other in safe ways.

    Keep checking your emails as information seems to be ever changing. Sending out our best to all of you. Stay well!

    Alicia Jensen, Principal
    Ptarmigan Ridge Staff

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