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There are thousands of scholarships available.  Follow the links below to begin your search! Also, many local scholarships are posted as links on the left side of this page! Please take a look; they are sorted by due date Smile



Most scholarships require at least one Letter of Recommendation to include with the application! Print and complete this form to give to recommenders so they can write the most informed letter on your behalf! It's customary to give your recommenders at least 2-weeks to write your letter. If you need the letter sooner, please respectfully thank them for being so flexible!!!
The Orting Community Scholarships application is now posted! Simply link to http://ortingschools.schoolwires.net/Page/2728 to access the application! See Ms. Nelson with any questions! 

Here are some great search engines to help you get started ...........  



The StudentScholarships.org site is also a great resource. To receive their newsletter, which highlights scholarships by due date, click on this link: StudentScholarships.org newsletter

A scholarship search engine is a great tool that can help you look for scholarships in one place. It can save you a great amount of time. You spend around 30 minutes creating a profile including information like race, major, colleges, financial need, GPA, etc.  The search engine takes all this information and searches for scholarships that match your profile. All that is left for you to do is apply.  


1. Some scholarship search engines ask you to pay - you should never pay for a scholarship search. There are several free search engines out there.

2. You always want to make sure you actually meet the requirements of a scholarship. Even though the search engine states that you meet a requirement for a scholarship, it might not always be the case.


You say you are a high school senior but it does not specifically ask you what high school. Every high school senior in washboard will be told they qualify for the Auburn High School scholarship. However, the scholarship is only for seniors who are attending and graduate from Auburn High School. 

To view scholarships with month-by-month deadlines, visit: http://scholarshipguidance.com/

There's also an interesting site highlighting "Weird" scholarships. Visit WeirdScholarships.Net

Check out these new scholarships!!!
Opening 1/3/2017!!! If you are STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math or Health Care leaders) bound, the Washington Opportunity Grant might be open to you - to find out if you qualify, visit their site:

Are you from a union family? If so, please take a look at this scholarship (link also on the left):

This is also a great resource for those of you looking at scholarships that can be used at both in and out-of-state colleges:
Interested in Nursing? Take a look at the Pierce County Nurses Association:
Each year Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium offers scholarships for incoming college freshmen who plan to study science, technology, engineering or math at the University of Washington.
These competitive scholarships are based on high school academic achievement, standardized test scores, personal essays, recommendations, and future academic promise. Applicants must be Washington state residents and U.S. citizens planning to major in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics discipline.
The application deadline is January 17, 2017. To apply, visit:
Remember, if a site is asking you for money - it's not a good site!  You should never be paying for anything in your search for scholarships!