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    There are thousands of scholarships available.  Follow the links below and to the left to begin your search! Please take a look! This year, scholarship links to the left are posted by month and are sorted by opening and/or due date!!! Smile


    • Some scholarship search engines may ask you to pay - you should never pay for a scholarship search. There are several free search engines - I've provided a few below.


    • You always want to make sure you actually meet the requirements of a scholarship. Even though the search engine states that you meet a requirement for a scholarship, it might not always be the case.

    Example: You say you are a high school senior but it does not specifically ask you what high school. Every high school senior in Washboard will be told they qualify for the "Auburn High School" scholarship. However, the scholarship is only for seniors who are attending and graduate from Auburn High School. 

    Most scholarships require at least one Letter of Recommendation to include with the application! Print and complete this form to give to recommenders so they can write the most informed letter on your behalf! It's customary to give your recommenders at least 2-weeks to write your letter. If you need the letter sooner, please respectfully thank them for being so flexible!!!
    Great Scholarship Newsletter!!! 
    The StudentScholarships.org site sends you their newsletter, highlighting monthly scholarships by due date, visit this link: StudentScholarships.org newsletter to register your email address to begin receiving the newsletter.

    Plus, don't forget these great search engines to help you get started ...........  

    Orting High School just joined GoingMerry - a new scholarship search engine website. Simply visit this link to sign up for free!

    The Best Scholarship Search and the Honest Product Reviews scholarship platform have links to the above, and many more search engines - it's worth a look! 

    Scholarship search engines are a great tool that can help you look for scholarships in one place. They can save you a great amount of time. You should spend around 30 minutes creating a profile including information like race, major, colleges, financial need, GPA, etc.  The search engine takes all this information and searches for scholarships that match your profile. All that is left for you to do is apply.  

     Scholarship Websites, Handbooks and Newsletters, month-by-month

    There's also an interesting site highlighting "Weird" scholarships. Visit WeirdScholarships.Net

    If you are interested in military, our Navy rep, Cory Jones provided this Powerpoint, which explains the ROTC Scholarship Program

    Are you hoping to attend college to become an artist? If so the ArtandWriting.org awards may be a good resource! Simply follow this link to find out more!

    Check out these new scholarships!!!
    This is a big one! Due by 11/5/2019!!! The Act Six scholarship is now open! Act Six is Tacoma-Seattle’s ONLY Full Tuition, Full-Need Leadership Scholarship. They are looking for young people who love their community and want to use their college degree to make a difference on campus and at home. Act Six Scholars must be excited about learning, willing to step outside of their comfort zones, committed to serving their communities, and excited to make connections with people from different backgrounds.  Check out this flyer, for more information! 
    Follow this link for the application! Apply right away if you are interested in attending:
    • Whitworth
    • Gonzaga
    • PLU
    • Northwest U
    • Saint Martin's U

    Due 10/31!!! The College Board (SAT folks)has a new and free scholarship opportunity. Check out the College Board Opportunity Scholarship today for a chance to earn from $500 - $40,000!

    Are you interested in attendting Montana State U? If so, they offer scholarships to non-resident freshmen. Take a look at this flyer for all the details!
    Due 11/1/19! If you have a passion for innovating in the mobile IT (software or hardware) space, the Electric NYCMobileDevice scholarship might be for you! Here's the link to apply for this $1,000 scholarship!
    Due 12/1/19! Are you interested in attending Boston University? If so, you may qualify for their Trustee Scholarship
    Seniors! Don't forget to visit your college's website for potential scholarships! Simply type in "scholarships" in your college's search engine, and follow the links. Most colleges will have an abundance of scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen, and current college students!
    Attention, incoming Juniors!!! You could be a Palmer Scholar if you:
    • Identify as a student of color
    • Are a junior in the fall of 2019
    • Are actively involved and a leader in your community
    • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA
    • Are low-income (Free or Reduced lunch eligible)

    See the attached Palmer Scholars flyer for all the details!

    There's a great new scholarship opportunity open to current seniors planning to attend technical and 2-year college or apprenticeship for a STEM related career! It's the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship/Career and Technical! Here's the criteria for current seniors:
    To be eligible, current seniors must:
    • Enroll at an eligible Washington state community or technical college for fall 2019.
    • Enroll in an eligible certificate, apprenticeship or associate’s degree program leading to a high-demand trade, health care or STEM occupation.
    • Obtain a Washington state high school diploma or GED.
    • Have a total family income that does not exceed 125% of the Washington state median family income.
    Fall 2019 applications are due each July. The application will open again in November 2019 and February 2020 for students enrolling in winter and spring quarters.
    Remember, if a site is asking you for money - it's not a reputable site!  You should never pay for anything in your search for scholarships!
    And finally ... some specific sites according to interests!

    Scholarships for Future Teachers - https://www.teachtomorrow.org/scholarships/

    Funding Your Psychology Degree - http://www.learnpsychology.org/resources/scholarships-and-financial-aid/

    College Scholarship Guide for Minorities - http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/college-scholarships-for-minority-students/

    Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities - https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/college/financial-aid-for-students-with-disabilities/

    Fire and Forestry Scholarships and Financial Aid - https://www.firescience.org/fire-and-forestry-scholarships/

    Scholarships & Financial Aid for Women - https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/college/financial-aid-for-women/

    Student Guide to Budgeting - http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/student-guide-to-budgeting/

    Funding your Computer Science Degree - https://www.computerscienceonline.org/cs-scholarships/

    Scholarships & Financial Aid for Women - https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/college/financial-aid-for-women/