• When placing students in a class, we take into account the academic, social and behavioral stregths and needs of each student. We wil notify you by August 23, 2019 of your child's teacher.



    Welcome to Orting School District.

    To enroll your student complete the required registration forms, see the checklist AND any applicable forms or documents in the middle and right columns.  Return to the appropriate school office or district office. 

    Please note: Registration is considered complete when all required forms and documents are submitted, only completed registrations will be accepted.

    District Office Orting High School Orting Middle School Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary Orting Primary
     360.893.6500   ♦360.893.2246   ♦360.893.3565   ♦360.893.0595   ♦360.893.2248
  • Each school will provide a registration packet with forms specific to the grade level of the student.  To prevent any delays with the enrollment process please be sure to provide complete information.

    Documents to Prove Eligibility

    Legal documentation of a birth certificate along with immunization records will be necessary for completing the registration process.

Sports Information & Forms

  • High School Sports
    Middle School Sports

Volunteer Information

  • **Please note: All visitors and volunteers are required to turn in a completed Volunteer/Visitor Application Form. A copy of your picture identification will be stapled to this form.   No adults will be permitted past the office area during school hours without a completed form and volunteer/visitor badge.   This form must be updated annually.

  • Required for ALL students

    • Student Registration Checklist
    • New Student Registration form
    • Language Survey form
    • How to retrieve Immunization information
    • Student Health Information form
    • Verification of Residency form
    • Student Housing Questionnaire
    • Student Acceptable Use Policy
    • Rights & Responsibilities Handbook
    • Legal Birth Certificate copy
    • Name & phone number of previous school

Required Forms All Students

  • Additional Required SOME students

    Elementary School

    Middle School

    High School

    • Current Transcript or last report card if incoming freshman
    • HSPE, EOC scores or state standard test scores if out of state

Additional Required Forms

  • Additional required IF applicable

    • Volunteer/Visitor Application form
    • Free and Reduced Lunch form
    • Proof of Shared Residency
    • Parenting Plan, Restraining Order, pertinent court documents
    • Special Education IEPs or 504 Plans
    • Emergency Care Plan (ECP) or Physician's Orders for Medication
    • If student was in HiCAP/Gifted program-documentation supporting services from previous schools
    • Certificate of Exemption - Immunizations