District Mission and Vision

  • Mission

          All Students Ready for College, Careers, and Life

    In everything we do, we will…

    • Focus on learning, collaboration, results, and continuous improvement
    • Ensure data-driven decisions
    • Provide equity of opportunities and resources
    • Communicate with and engage students, families, staff, and community

    Critical questions that guide our work

    • What do all students need to learn?
    • How will we know they are learning it?
    • What will we do when they haven’t learned it?
    • What will we do when they already learned it?


    • Do I use evidence to support my thinking and press others to do the same?
    • Do I demonstrate my commitment to deepening my own understanding and the collective learning of the group?
    • Do I listen to understand others’ thinking?
    • Do I ask questions and share ideas that challenge my and others’ thinking and understanding?
    • Do I encourage and promote equitable contributions, risk taking, and respect for divergent thinking?
    • Do I go right to a team member with concerns or issues?
    • Do I support and celebrate student, staff, and district accomplishments?

    Collective Commitments

    • Prioritize our focus on teaching and learning
    • Leverage Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in support of student learning and growth
    • Ensure frequent analysis of student performance data by-student, by-standard
    • Provide leadership development, support, and collaboration
    • Own and respond to results to promote reflection, monitoring, and adjustment