FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Information

  • The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens each year on October 1st for current seniors. You will find information about the FAFSA here, as well as other helpful information regarding financial aid/paying for college!

    Seniors should apply for the FAFSA beginning October 1st. Please follow these steps to get started:

    1. Create an FSA-ID for you and one parent at StudentAid.gov/fsaid
    2. After creating both the student and parent FSA-ID, log into the FAFSA Website (follow the "Start Here" link)

    Helpful worksheets:


    Helpful videos:

    Here's a great video featured on YouTube on how to create FSA-Ids (you'll need to do this for both student and one parent!)

    FAFSA and FSA Id Tips for Parents You Tube video!

    FAFSA Explained video


    Here's a great website through Sallie Mae that includes videos, articles, etc. to help with the FAFSA - check it out!


    What if your student is undocumented? Here's a great resource to help you through the WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid) process! Home language selector is available through the Google translator!


    Important reminders:

    Please remember!!! The FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) opens 10/1 of each school year, and remains open until federal funding has been depleted for the upcoming school year! Apply early to get your hands on the more than $150 billion in financial aid!!!

    Helpful links:

    If you're an underclassman, and want to know what you may qualify for in Federal aid, check out the FAFSA4caster! Taking this step will also help you complete your FAFSA when you are a senior!

    Here's a great handout detailing step-by-step instructions on how to complete the FAFSA - take a look!

    Here's a great site sponsored by Sallie Mae, the government student loan folks - take a look! The Beginner's Guide to FAFSA

    There is also a great website with an online tool to help you determine what materials you will need when beginning the FAFSA process - simply visit FAFSA Assistant to use this resource!

     If you have questions or issues with the FAFSA, you can find help at 1-800-433-3243.

    What happens after you complete the FAFSA? See our newsletter, which explains what to expect after FAFSA completion!

    Common FAFSA myths - there are several misconceptions about the FAFSA; before you "blow off" doing the FAFSA, take a look at these common myths!

    OHS FAFSA and Financial Aid Night will be held each fall (TBD for 2019!!!) - we encourage parents and seniors who have questions about financial aid processes to attend.

    Another great site for accessing financial aid info can be found here:

    Also, please see this helpful blog titled, "7 Things You Need Before You Fill Out the FAFSA"