Financial Aid Page


    This is where you'll find information about financial aid for college. Please also view my embedded pages for helpful resources!


    Sallie Mae has a great website, Paying for College - it covers the FAFSA, financial aid, college cost of attendance and much more! 



    • Though we realize private student loans aren’t the ideal way to pay for college, about 10% of families end up needing them given the rising cost of higher education. After all scholarships, grants, and federal options have been exhausted, private student loans are often necessary to help cover the cost of attendance. Check out this website for the best private student loan resources.


    • The StudentLoans.net site has some good resources for high school students about loans and repayment. Government loans are covered in this site, too (DISCLAIMER! We are in no way endorsing applying for loans outside what the federal government offers. This is merely a guide).


    • The Student Loan Report site is a great resource for learning about student loan debt according to and sorted by state.


    • The College Covered site is a great resource using online tools to help you with the FAFSA and college choices (DISCLAIMER! We are in no way endorsing Discover Student Loans! - we simply find their site to be useful).