Dual Credit

Dual Credit: Earning College Credit in High School!

  • Dual Credit means you've earned college credit in the high school.


    OHS has a number of Dual Credit options:

    • Running Start - see the associated page for this program within this website!
    • AP Classes - check with your intended college to determine what test level you need to earn college credit!
    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes offered at the high school - see our online Course Catalog for a list of CTE classes 

    Have you taken CTE classes (Robotics, Intro to Medical Careers, Criminal Law, Anatomy and Physiology, etc), and earned a "B" or better? If so, you may have earned college credit! To find out, see the attached flyer! Contact information is included on the flyer!!!


    Definitions per OSPI: Dual Credit Courses and Passage of Dual Credit Courses

    To be considered “dual credit” and meet the graduation alternatives requirement, a course must satisfy the following three criteria:

    1. It generates high school credit toward graduation.
    2. It is articulated with, or could directly result in, college credit (100 level or above) from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
    3. According to the respective regionally accredited institution of higher education, it is classified as an “English” or “Mathematics” course (i.e. ENGL 101, MATH 107), or it fulfills an English/Communications or Mathematics/Quantitative requirement as verified in the student’s post-secondary degree plan.


    “Passage” of a dual credit course requires that the student earn high school credit for the course, as identified on the student’s high school transcript. Students may be required to achieve a certain letter grade or GPA to earn or have the option to earn college credit, as determined by the regionally accredited institution of higher education.