• Maintenance
    The district’s maintenance department is responsible for all existing mechanical and structural repairs including minor construction. The maintenance team strives to ensure that each district facility operates efficiently and provides a building environment for academic achievement. The maintenance team manages the following areas: repair/replacement of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, kitchen appliance, roof repair, septic system, door hardware and other locks, alarm systems. painting, moving and carpentry for district facilities.

    Please see your building secretary to submit a maintenance work order!
    Temporary password for setup: password
    Tutorial - Submitting a Work Order and Facility Use Request

    Grounds Maintenance
    Grounds maintenance is responsible for the safety of the grounds around each school including parking lots. The mission of this team is to ensure district grounds our well kept. They do this through mowing, landscaping, and controlling weeds. The grounds team is also responsible for the athletic fields and playground upkeep.

    The custodial staff supports all aspects of learning by providing clean, safe and healthy environments for students, staff and community members.

    Custodial Services Handbook

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