• Our district boundaries include the valley floor as well as mountainous areas with steep hills. Sometimes there is not snow in the valley while our hilly areas have snow or ice that make it unsafe for buses to travel. When we make a decision that impacts school delay, closure, or bus routes, we will notify our families and community in the following ways. 

    Phone Call
    Please make sure your primary number is correct at your child's school as we will send out a phone message as soon as a decision is made that impacts school operating hours and/or bus routes. If you miss the call, the message is sent to your voicemail.

    Text Message
    You can OPT-IN to receive text message alerts by texting "Y" or "Yes” to 67587. Please note, you must OPT-IN to receive text messages.

    Please make sure your email address is correct at your child's school as we will send out an email as soon as a decision is made that impacts school operating hours and/or bus routes.

    Orting School District Social Media
    Please follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/OrtingSchoolDistrict) for ongoing updates and information.

    This is how we notfiy the media of closures and delays, but you can also opt-in to this email and push-notification system. Please visit https://www.flashalert.net/id/OrtingSD to sign up for email notifications, then download the free FlashAlert Messenger app to receive push notifications on your mobile phone. There is no cost to view messages, download the app, or subscribe to messages.

    Local News
    Flash Alert sends notifications regarding the status of school operations to local television and radio stations. Television stations will often run these notifications as ticker a at the bottom of the screen.

    The following stations announce local updates:
    Television: KOMO on channel 4, KING on channel 5, KIRO on channel 7, or KSTV on channel 11
    AM Radio: KAPS660, KGY1240, KJTT1110, KBRC1430, KIRO710, KLAY1180, KRSG1210, KIX1880, KNWS770, KCIS630, KOMO1000, KRKO1380, and KVI570.
    FM Radio: KBKS106.1, KSLY92.5, KUBE93.3, KPLZ101.5, KBSG97.3, KMPS94.1, KUOW94.9, KCMS105.3, KMTT103.7, KXXO96.1, KIRO100.7, KPLU88.5, KYCW96.5, and KJR95.7.

    Orting School District Website
    You may visit www.ortingschools.org for the status of school operations. Notifications and updates will be posted as a pop-up on the first page you visit, including school sites.

    Emergency bus routes are posted below.

Emergency Bus Routes