Release of Attendance, Waiver Applications, and Intent to Home School

  • Out of District Enrollment Waivers Currently CLOSED

    Due to high enrollment, out of district enrollment waivers are closed for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years. The following exceptions may apply:

    • Siblings of a student currently attending and returning to the same school for the next school year
    • Children of district employees
    • Non-resident waiver renewals (students continuing at their current school)


    District Release of Attendance

    A Choice Transfer Request is required if you wish for your student to be released from the Orting School District to attend a school in another district.  Please click on the following link to complete this form online and submit it for review and processing.  Once submitted, notification emails will be sent to you throughout the process to update you on your request's progress and status.
    Choice Transfer Parent Portal

    As another option, you may complete the Choice Transfer Form and send to or bring it to the district office at 121 Whitesell ST NE, Orting, WA  98360.

    Choice Transfer Request Form (English) 
    Choice Transfer Request Form (Spanish) 


    Waiver Application for Out-of-District Attendance 

    The Orting School District allows for students living outside the district to request a waiver to attend school in this district. The Non-Resident Application for Enrollment must be submitted annually with an approved Release of Attendance or Choice Transfer form from the resident district.

    Out-of-District Waiver Criteria
    Non-resident applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on the following criteria:

    • There is adequate capacity in the school (acceptance of the transfer should not cause a hardship on resident students)
    • The student demonstrates regular attendance, academic effort, and conformance with school disciplinary standards.
    • The parent is willing and able to provide timely transportation.
    • The school offers a program suitable to meet the educational and other needs of the student.
    • The request does not cause a financial burden to the Orting School District.

    If the student does not meet these criteria, the district will communicate expectations to the parent and student, and the out-of-district waiver may be revoked.

    Application Procedure

    The following is the procedure for applying for an out-of-district waiver. Applications must be fully complete to be considered received.

    1. Obtain a Release of Attendance form from the resident district or submit a Choice Transfer form to the resident district.

    2. Complete the Waiver Application for Non-Resident Attendance (English) or  Waiver Application for Non-Resident Attendance (Spanish)

    Applications are also available at Orting School District Central Office
    Submit the application, the release, and the necessary additional information by the due date to:

    Orting School District
    Attention:  Jill Garcia
    121 Whitesell St NE 
    Orting, WA 98360

    Intra-District Transfer Waiver Application

    Elementary Request for Intra-District Transfer Schools Within the School District

    Intent to Home School

    For students residing within the boundaries of the Orting School District whose parents wish to file an 'Intent to Home School' for their student, please complete the below Intent to Home School Form and send to, or bring it into the district office at 121 Whitesell ST NE, Orting, WA  98360.  Intent to Home School Forms' is required annually to be completed and submitted no later than September 15 for all students residing within the district. 

    Intent to Home School Form (English)  
    Intent to Home School Form (Spanish) 


    For additional information or questions, contact Jill Garcia at 360-893-6500 Ext. 4048 or via email at