Board Communication Protocols

  • Board Spokesperson
    - The Board President, or designee, is the Board spokesperson, and has the authority to delegate
    this responsibility to the Superintendent or another Board Director.

    Board – Superintendent Cooperation
    - Board direction to the Superintendent will be communicated by the Board President.
    - We have an expectation of no surprises in our Board-Superintendent communications.
    - Board directors will meet regularly with the Superintendent to discuss District operations
    and establish meeting agenda items.

    Board – Staff Communication
    - Communication between staff and the Board is encouraged. Any follow-up that is required will
    be referred to the Superintendent.
    - The Board will promote safe, candid, and open communication with staff by approaching
    situations from a place of inquiry.
    - Board directors will notify the Superintendent and building administrators prior to visiting
    school sites for Board purposes.
    - Board directors may reference 4220P, Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs Procedure for
    steps for resolving concerns which is also posted on the School Board website.

    Responding to Community Input
    - The Board is eager to listen to its constituents and staff.
    - Inquiries requiring response or action will be forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office for
    follow up by the person who can properly and expeditiously address the issue.
    - We will encourage others to follow our procedure for issue resolution (4220P, Complaints
    Concerning Staff or Program Procedures).
    - When we hear concerns, we recognize that we may not have a complete picture.

    Effective Board Meetings
    - To be efficient, effective and avoid exceptionally long meetings, I will submit questions and
    concerns to the Superintendent prior to the meeting, thereby allowing time for responses to be
    gathered and shared with all board directors. If questions are raised during a meeting and are
    unable to be responded to at that time, they will be addressed at the next meeting unless
    otherwise agreed to by the Board.