Board Operating Principles

  • Students First
    - I will prioritize the needs and interests of each student.

    Set Clear Goals
    - I will agree to work collaboratively with my fellow Board members to set clear goals.
    Act as One Body
    - Individual Board members do not have authority.
    - Once a decision is made, I will support that decision, in word and action.

    Decision Making
    - I will consider research, best practices, and public input.
    - I will practice fiscal responsibility.

    - I will encourage open communication, trust, and respect in all my interaction.
    - I will not surprise the Superintendent, staff, and fellow Board members.
    - I will focus discussions on issues, keeping tone and demeanor professional.
    - I will welcome debate and differing points of view constructively and
    - I will embrace Accountability, Collaboration and Transparency (ACT).
    - I will strive for mutual understanding.
    - I will maintain confidentiality.

    Commit to Continuous Improvement
    - I will commit to continuous improvement through Board retreats, self-evaluation, training and
    networking opportunities.

    Effective Board Meetings
    - I will prepare for meetings in advance.

    Conflict of Interest
    - I will avoid any perception of a conflict of interest and will recuse myself when necessary.

    Equitable Outcomes
    - I will commit to addressing disparities in our student population to ensure equitable outcomes
    for all students.