• There are times when employees need to take short or long-term leave. Below, you will find some information designed to demystify various pieces surrounding leave options. In addition, Human Resources staff is available by phone, email or in-person appointment to help you make the best plan for your situation.
    Leave Request Form:
    An Orting School District Leave Request Form must be submitted to Human Resources when an employee is requesting medical, disability or family medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, bereavement leave, military leave, jury duty leave, or leave without pay.
    Sick Leave: Your accrued leave can be used for illness, injury, or unforeseen emergencies when needed. When this type of leave is available, approved time off taken will be paid at your regular salary amount. Sick leave can be used for you or your immediate family member and is more fully described in your collective bargaining agreement.
    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):  FMLA provides eligible employees up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave per year (rolling calendar look back). Although by law it is unpaid, you are eligible to use your accrued leave while on approved FMLA.  Whenever possible, FMLA leave does require advance notice by you to Human Resources and your supervisor. There are FMLA forms provided by Human Resources that you and your healthcare provider must sign and complete prior to authorization. One nice piece of this type of leave is that, even if you go into unpaid status, it does require us as your employer to pay the district's portion of your healthcare premium during the period of approved FMLA leave. In addition, it ensures you will be able to return to your same or equivalent job (job preservation).
    Here is a link to the  FMLA Employee Guide which provides a simple overview of FMLA. 

    1)      Employee: Part 1 of the Certification of Health Care Provider for Personal Serious Health Conditions (FMLA) form

    2)      Employee's Health Care Provider: Part 2 of the Certification of Health Care Provider for Personal Serious Health Conditions (FMLA) form

    (Fax number is provided on the form if the attending physician prefers to email directly to Carrie or Holly)

    3)    Once your FMLA leave is approved, your Human Resources Generalist will send you and your supervisor the FMLA designation form.

    Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML): This paid leave is available to eligible employees who have worked a minimum of 820 hours within a qualifying period. PFML is separate from district leave offerings and is available solely through the Employment Security Department. District staff can point you to related resources but do not work directly with this leave type, other than required notification to the district 30 days ahead of the start of your leave. In 2021, the maximum weekly benefit is $1206; however, it is processed as up to 90% of your weekly pay within that limit (2022 benefit amount is listed as $1,327). PFML provides up to 12 weeks of medical or family leave, but up to 16 weeks of combined medical and family leave (for example - recovery from the birth of a child followed by bonding leave). PFML does not require employers to continue employer-paid healthcare insurance contributions. So, it is important to determine when/if your healthcare coverage will cease. In addition, while on PFML and unpaid through the district, you will not earn retirement service credits during the leave duration.
    Can I use my sick leave and claim PFML through the state at the same time?
    No. Although you can overlap district paid sick leave with your PFML unpaid wait week, you cannot receive payment through both at the same time. 
    Please contact your Human Resources Generalist Carrie Joy (OES, OHS, Central Office, Nutrition Services) or Holly Mortenson (PTR, OMS, Facilities, Transportation).