Student Teacher Program

  • The Human Resources Department oversees the student teacher program, and provides information to colleague partners in the Teaching and Learning Department. 

    The following steps allow the district to support a comprehensive student teacher program:

    1. An active University Agreement must be in place with a respective university prior to any student teacher or intern placements.
    2. Cooperating teachers must meet minimum qualifications per the district and university (usually a min of 3 years’ exp.) before accepting student teacher candidates.
      1. Practicum/Observation Placements
        1. Student teacher practicum placements can occur directly through the school; however, the volunteer process should be followed so the district has contact information in case of emergency and the WATCH background check can be completed and approved ahead of hours beginning.
          1. Volunteer coordinator will notify HR upon receipt of practicum app for placement (need to incorporate/develop process).
        2. Full year internships (e.g., psychologists, counselors) will be handled like a student teacher placement.
      2. Student Teacher Placements
        1. Human Resources receives request for placement in a specific grade/subject from university (request should include the university app and/or a current student resume)
        2. Human Resources forwards request electronically to best aligned school Principal(s) and requests placement response by specific date.
          1. Human Resources recommends schools consider interviewing (formally or informally) the student teacher to ensure good placement “fit.”
        3. School administrator informs Human Resources as to whether approving/disapproving placement for term requested.
          1. If disapproved, Human Resources will consider whether alternate district placement is available. If no placement opportunity exists, Human Resources will notify the university that a placement match was not identified.
          2. If approved, Human Resources will notify the university of the placement cooperative teacher, building, principal’s name and grade/subject.
        4. When student teachers have been placed, the Human Resources Generalist will add the related information (including student teacher name) to a tracking sheet by school year and notify the Executive Director for Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
        5. Human Resources will verify OSPI background clearance is on file before student teacher placement begins. If clearance is not current, Human Resources will work with the university and student teacher candidate to ensure process is completed prior to classroom placements.
        6. As a recruiting opportunity, Human Resources staff will plan to meet face to face with each individual student teacher during his/her term of student teaching to inform the student teacher of how to apply for district positions, to share which recruiting events district staff plans to attend, etc.
        7. During the student teaching experience, with Principal recommendation, Human Resources will work with the student teacher’s university to grant approval for the district to obtain a Substitute Intern certificate (to be used only in the absence of the teacher of record and become inactivated upon the conclusion of the student teaching assignment) or Emergency Substitute certificate.
        8. Based on Principal recommendation, student teachers will receive an interview for consideration of future selection opportunities.
        9. Annually in the spring, Human Resources will survey Principals for the purpose of identifying cooperating teacher placements for the upcoming school year by grade/subject and building.
        10. Student teachers with positive Principal recommendations will be considered for Emergency Substitute Certificates to allow them to sub in-between the time they complete their program and receive their teaching permit or certificate.
          1. The e-sub interview can be waived.
          2. The mandatory e-sub training can be waived.