The administrative internship program is intended to assist certificated district staff in the pursuit of their career path. This program is open to current, active district employees who hold regular certificated employment. Program elements will provide a structure to ensure each candidate has an opportunity to experience practical, on-the-job training appropriate to their internship.

    In cooperation with participating universities in the academic phases of the certification, Orting School District is committed to a meaningful program for the intern.


    To be considered for an administrative internship, an applicant must meet the following minimum qualifications at the time of application:

    A.   Professional Qualifications:

    1.    Possession of a valid certificate to teach in the State of Washington.

    2.    A minimum of three years of successful teaching or educational experience in an instructional role with students and completion of provisional status.

    3.    The completion of a master’s degree or current enrollment with satisfactory progress toward a master’s degree program.

    4.    Current enrollment in, or completion of, one of the following PESB Approved Principal Preparation colleges or university programs/institutions designed to satisfy administrative certification requirements per Washington State and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction:

            Central WA University

            City University of Seattle

            Eastern WA University

            Gonzaga University

            Heritage University

            Pacific Lutheran University

            Seattle Pacific University

            Seattle University

            Saint Martin’s University

            University of WA (Bothell and Tacoma)

            University of WA Danforth (Seattle)

            WA State University (Spokane, Tri-Cities & Vancouver)

            Western WA University

            WGU WA

            Whitworth University

    B.   Personal Qualifications:

    1.    Demonstrated effective instructional leadership.

    2.    Demonstrated leadership in district and building level committees.

    3.    Demonstrated effective organizational skills.

    4.    Experience of effective relationship with students, parents, and certificated and classified personnel.

    5.    Demonstrated ability to communicate well both orally and in writing.

    6.    Traits which indicate a high moral character including honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

    7.    Evaluations of employment that support the aforementioned qualities of the candidate.


    The number of internships available each year will be limited by:

    1.    The availability of an appropriate and qualified mentor (i.e., principal, director) who has the necessary supervisory time to devote to the training program. This may require a transfer to another building if available.

    2.    Prevailing budgetary constraints at the time of application. 

    The district recognizes the value in supporting leadership growth, along with building capacity for succession planning toward ongoing recruitment and hiring. We also recognize the value of training leaders who may seek employment in other districts. 

    As noted below, intern placements must be balanced with the mentorship capacity of available administrators, as well as factors such as fit, etc. As such, the district reserves the right to determine who is selected to serve as an intern candidate in any given year.

    When job vacancies occur, the district will continue to seek job applicants both inside and outside of the district. The district does not assume any responsibility for the placement of interns into a position following completion of the program. Interns will not be given preferential treatment in the process of selecting candidates.

    While the number of internships may vary each year, supervisors will have no more than one intern without special permission from the Human Resources Director and with concurrence of the Superintendent.

    Only those candidates who are the most qualified and who have the greatest potential for success will be accepted into the internship program.


    The intern in the schools may be released from all assignments for up to the number of school days authorized and aligned with the OSPI grant, pending approval and budget constraints. This release time will be provided by the hiring of a substitute. It may be taken in one block or in any combination of smaller units. The scheduling of this release time will be at the prerogative of the building principal/administrative designee after consultation with human resources.

    For the remainder of the school year, the intern will continue to be involved in the appropriate experiences during preparation time and before and after school.

    In addition to this release time, interns may occasionally be given additional release time, as approved by the Superintendent or their designee for special assignments, workshops, and visitation outside of their building.


    Administrative Interns will:

    1.    Initiate discussions with mentor, focusing on (1) observations of the mentor in action, (2) reflections on intern’s new learning, and (3) opportunities for enhanced growth.

    2.    Maintain high moral character including honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

    3.    Demonstrate loyalty to the mentor/intern partnership and observe the highest level of confidentiality.

    4.    Communicate with the university supervisor to identify and complete all requirements of the preparation program and the WAC’s for the initial principal certification.

    5.    Organize their time to include thorough planning, completion, and assessment of all intern responsibilities.

    6.    Support a strong academic focus, opportunities for students to grow and commitment to build clear partnerships and be involved.

    NOTE: OEA staff may maintain their union membership during their administrative internship. Administrative internship activities are not addressed in the OSD/OEA collective bargaining agreement.



    Interns will be selected by an internship committee consisting of the Principals, Executive Directors and/or designees. The internship committee shall be responsible for the screening, decision-making, and placement of all selected interns. This means the internship committee has the prerogative of accepting or rejecting all prospective interns and is under no obligation to accept applicants solely because they have already enrolled in a college or university program.


    Each year, the timeline is developed with an anticipated launch in November and final outcomes communicated by early February. The internal job posting holds full details and will be made "live" annually during the process open window.


    Application for Administrative Internship forms are available when open via the Frontline Education Orting School District Seeking Employment website, under Internal Applicants.

    Please submit your completed online application through the district’s portal by the deadline indicated on the administrative internship posting.

    Your application materials will be reviewed by the selection committee and is the basis for determining whether you will be selected for an internship.