Be Your Best Always!

  • Students at OMS are the best because we expect the best! We all work together to help our students reach their full potential.

    We have set the following "Success Goals" for OMS students, whether they are in class, at lunch, in the hallway, on a school bus, or at an extra-curricular activity:

    • Goal 1 - Treat others with kindness and respect.
    • Goal 2 - Give your best effort always.
    • Goal 3 - Help others and yourself to learn.
    • Goal 4 - Manage yourself.
    • Goal 5 - Practice ways to settle disagreements peacefully by:
      • Talking to peers calmly.
      • Walking away from the problem.
      • Asking an adult for help.
    • Goal 6 - Take care of property.
    • Goal 7 - Take advantage of the great activities at OMS, and have fun!

    When everyone in our school is doing his/her best, the school becomes an exciting place!