Orting School District

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Recommended Supplies for Comfort/Emergency Kit

  • 2 small mini-cans or boxes of juice                            
  • 1 small flip-top can tuna or pork and beans                        
  • 1 small container (5 oz.) of pudding                            
  • 1 small can of fruit                                
  • 2 granola type bars                                
  • 1 candy bar                                    
  • 2 pkgs. Cheese and/or peanut butter and crackers(commercially sealed)                
  • 3 plastic spoons                                
  • 3 paper napkins                                
  • 2 large black trash bags                                
Please purchase self-opening containers. 
Let student help pick out favorite foods with those guidelines.        
Include a family picture if possible. 
Please place all items in a well marked zip-lock baggie.