Degrees and Certifications:

Edward Jerabek

Hello!  I am very glad and honored to reach my 20th year teaching here in Orting.  I have taught quite a few subjects in that time:  Math, Science, Drama, PE (very briefly), Wilderness Survival and various others for enrichment.  For the past several years, I have taught exclusively Science.  

I was born and raised in Chicago and spent several years in Colorado as an avid snow skier.  I love backpacking, camping, sightseeing and most forms of music.  On the latter, I love to play my grand piano.  My favorite music to play is jazz, but that doesn't mean I don't play some classical, Beatles, Pop, American Songbook, etc.

I am a huge major sports fan, but, sorry, my allegiance is to my Chicago teams.  However, I am capable of bandwagoning as I did when the Mariners were really good in the early 2000's.

As a science teacher, I do prefer to instill drama into my curriculum since it comes closest to the "real thing."  It's been more challenging lately for drama in science, but it continues to be my dream.  So, maybe one day, your child might come home and say something like "Mr. J did this really weird thing in science today.  He had us actually play the role of Sir Isaac Newton.  Wanna know what he did yesterday?  He had us act out a being a car in acceleration.  What a weirdo! But, it did help me somehow!"