• Welcome to Orting School District!


    mount rainier We are committed to building a culture of learning and caring. Together, we are ensuring that all students are ready for college, careers, and life! We align the people in our system to engage in continuous improvement to support student learning. We focus on strategic goals to ensure the academic success for each student by improving:
    -strategies for powerful teaching and learning
    -effective operations of the district
    -communication and collaboration with stakeholders
    Located 41 miles south of Seattle, 20 miles southeast of Tacoma, the Orting valley community has the best view of Mt. Rainier in the State of Washington.  We serve nearly 2,700 students in 4 schools. 

  • Mission

    All Students Ready for College, Careers, and Life! 

    Student Ends 

    E1 All Students Ready for College: Ensuring that Orting students will possess the skills and dispositions to explore post-high school graduation education and internships including academic, technical, and/or experiential opportunities for professional development

    E2 All Students Ready for Careers: Equipping Orting students to enter into a highly complex, diverse, and evolving workforce

    E3 All Students Ready for Life: Endowing Orting students with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve heir goals through a growth mindset that empowers them to approach their future with confidence and the social and emotional skills they will need for success in the future

    Our Vision Booklet

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