Orting School District

All students ready for college, careers, and life

Welcome to the webpage of Principal!

Orting School District exists to prepare Orting students for college, careers, and life.

That’s why the Orting Primary School vision milestones are:

1)   Every child a reader by age 9 and

2)   Bringing every student to benchmark through early intervention.

Did you know…When a student graduates from high school, he/she improves the chance of:

·     Entering the middle or upper income levels

·     Living up to ten years longer

·     Having a healthier life and

·     Staying out of prison.
Based upon third grade reading scores, we can predict:
  • Who has the best chance to graduate from high school and
  • The number of prison beds needed in years to come.
        (from Eric Jensen, author of "Teaching with Poverty in Mind", 2012)
It's never too early to start learning!