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  • We provide a vibrant and challenging environment dedicated to academic excellence for all students.  Educational opportunities are offered through collaborative, rigorous, and hands-on experiences.  The OMS staff encourage academic excellence by supporting the whole child as they collaborate to ensure that students are ready for college, careers and life!

    Educational Philosophy

    Orting Middle School is committed to providing each student exciting and challenging opportunities to participate in 21st century learning. To that end, staff, students, and parents strive to achieve excellence in education for all students.

    Within each grade level, teams of instructors provide the core curriculum of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. This team approach offers the most supportive atmosphere for each student to engage in powerful learning at Orting Middle School. Fitness, Health, Choir, Band, Art, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the other electives are essential for students to experience academic and behavioral growth. In addition, we acknowledge our responsibility to engage in explicit character development to equip students with life ready skills and dispositions.

    College Ready Goals

    • Provide a general education stressing academic excellence in all classes.
    • Emphasize skills in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding to enable effective communication across the curriculum.
    • Emphasize mathematics as a preparatory tool across the curriculum for student success in life.
    • Stimulate the use of full potential by developing the student's powers of observation, examination, and problem solving in an academic environment that supports inquiry learning.
    • Develop an awareness of changes in the world and the ability to meet present and future challenges through an understanding of the past.
    • Encourage intellectual curiosity, pride in achievement, and a positive attitude toward life long learning.
    • Promote creative self expression through various media and encourage cultural appreciation of the fine arts.
    • Provide an effective transition from fifth grade to sixth grade, sixth to seventh grade, seventh to eighth grade, and eighth grade to the high school.
    • Provide relevance in our instructional presentations for every class offered at Orting Middle School.

    Life and Career Ready Goals

    • Provide guidance that promotes a positive self-image and personal accountability through understanding, self-direction, and self-discipline.
    • Foster an awareness of good citizenship, civil rights, and responsibility to self and others.
    • Encourage respect and understanding when interacting with people of other cultural, ethnic, and differentiated backgrounds and abilities.
    • Promote understanding and practice of democratic ideas and ideals.
    • Build a culture of caring at Orting Middle School by encouraging students, staff and the community to practice strong character traits such as patience, humility and forgiveness – and to recognize those traits in others. #ortingcares


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