Why is the Bond Needed?

  • A Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) started meeting in the summer of 2021 to identify facilities with the highest needs, as well as review projected growth within our district boundaries. They recommended several projects as identified in the 2023 school bond put before the voters. While the school bond did not pass, the growing needs in our district remain. 

    Over the spring and summer, we conducted two community surveys to solicit feedback on the bond proposal. From those surveys, the most important issues from the community perspective included addressing overcrowding, improving safety/health/security, and supporting Career and Technical Education (CTE). Using community input, the board identified three core priorities and is reducing the scope of the previous bond. While these projects do not remedy all of our urgent needs in the system recommended by CFAC, it does put a big dent in the issues respondents want addressed at a more affordable price point.

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What are the bond projects?