School Information

  • Orting Middle School
    111 Whitehawk Blvd NW
    Orting, Washington 98360

    Phone: 360-893-3565
    Fax: 360-893-2919

    Attendance requirements  

    This year we are required to send monthly reports to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) regarding our unexcused absences. Parents and guardians, please make sure that you send a note excusing your child, after an absence. Students should take parent notes to Ms. Spencer, at the OMS Main Campus, the morning they return after an absence. They must do this before First Period. If a student has a planned absence, please bring a note to Ms. Spencer ahead of time, and take a Pre-arranged Absence form around to teachers.

    Students must be off-campus or at an activity by 2:35 pm.