• Orting is home to many great parent groups and community organizations that work with our schools and staff to support students.

    If you'd like to volunteer in one or more of our schools, please turn in the following:

    1. Complete Volunteer/Visitor Application Form.

    2. A copy of your picture identification (will be stapled to your application form)

    Note: Volunteers are approved for a single school year period. To continue your volunteer work, the application process must be renewed annually.

    If you would like to volunteer with one of our parent groups, please email them directly.

    Parents and Teachers in Education (PTTE) 
    Supports our secondary schools
    Email: ohsptte@gmail.com
    Visit them on Facebook

    Orting Combined PTA 
    Supports our elementary schools
    Email: ortingcombinedpta@gmail.com
    Visit them on Facebook

    Orting Boosters
    Supports sports, art, music and other enrichment opportunities
    Email: Ortingboosters@gmail.com

    Project Graduation
    Email: ortingprojectgrad@gmail.com