Guidance from the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department

Free Childcare for Healthcare Workers and First Responders

  • What: The Orting School District will provide childcare for school age children (Kindergarten – Grade 5) for families who are healthcare workers and first responders.
    Why: Governor Inslee has directed school districts to provide free childcare services for first responders and healthcare workers so they can continue to help community members who are most in need of medical or emergency care from the impacts of COVID-19.
    Who is a First Responder? A first responder is someone who works for the police, fire, or other emergency services.
    Who is a Healthcare Worker? A healthcare worker is someone who works for a medical facility (i.e., nursing home, doctor’s office, hospital, rehabilitation center, adult family homes, etc.).

    Enrolling Your Child

    When: March 30, 2020 - April 24, 2020 
    Time:  9:00am – 3:30pm, M – F, including Spring Break to the extent possible
    Where: Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary School
    StaffParaeducators and Health Services Staff
    Meals: Snacks and lunch provided daily
    Questions: Email Chris Willis at











    The District will follow General Guidance from the Washington State Department of Health



    Health Screening at Entry

    • Health Services staff will take the temperature and check symptoms for staff and children upon entry each with their parents/guardians present each day and ask if medications were used to lower the child’s temperature and if there are any household members with COVID-19.
    • A school nurse, LPN and/or health assistant will be on site for at least part of the da

    If a child has a temperature over 100.4F they are to go home with their parent/guardian and not participate in childcare.


        Social Distancing During Day Care Session

    • Group sizes are no larger than 7 people total, including children and adults
    • We are maximizing space between people in a group, ensure a minimum of 6 feet between groups.
    • We are incorporating social distancing within groups to the degree possible, aiming for at least three to six feet between children and minimizing the amount of time children are in close contact with each


        Outside play

    Outdoor play will be in staggered shifts. If multiple groups are outside at the same time, they will have a minimum of six feet of open space between outdoor play areas or visit these areas in shifts so that students are not congregating.


          Hygiene Practices During Day Care Sessions

          Students will practice be frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and require handwashing upon arriving at the center, when entering the classroom, before meals or snacks, after outside time, after going to the bathroom, and prior to leaving for home.

    • If soap and water are not readily available, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60%
    • Advise children to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed
    • Cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and clean hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer (if soap and water are not readily available).
    • Providing adequate supplies for good hygiene, including clean and functional handwashing stations, soap, paper towels and alcohol-based hand