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New Mass Messaging System: ParentSquare

New this school year, ParentSquare is our new mass messaging system that will be used by district and school officials to send emails, text messages, phone calls and app notifications to families and staff. This system will replace School Messenger and messages from Skyward.
In a couple of weeks, we will send out an invite to our families and staff. We encourage you to activate your ParentSquare accounts to be able to fully utilize all the features offered by the ParentSquare platform.
While you'll still be able to receive emails, text messages, and phone calls from the district and your school/s without activating your account, you'll need to activate your account in order to access the ParentSquare parent portal and/or mobile app (search ParentSquare on the App Store or Google Play), which will contain a feed of all the messages you've received from your school/s and OSD, allow you to update your message preferences and receive notifications via the ParentSquare app. Additional features that will be rolled out over time will also require a registered account to utilize.
Posted 9/22/2022