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School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month! The purpose is to honor the people elected by our community to lead our school district. We have five school board members: Board President Carrie Thibodeaux, Board Vice President and Legislative Representative Melissa Kinzler, Michael Melot, WIAA Representative JoAnn Tracy and Kathy Madigan. 

Carrie Thibodeaux

Picture text: "Working with people who care about Orting kids and share a passion for education is inspiring. We come from different perspectives, but all want bright futures for our students." - Carrie Thibodeaux, School Board President and District Director #3

Melissa Kinzler

Picture text: "I wanted to help give accountability to the community at large while ensuring our Orting kids, get the best possible educational experience possible, that staff that work hard for our kids feel valued and that everyone can be proud of our district and the students we serve. I am so excited for what the future holds for Orting!" - Melissa Kinzler, School Board Vice President and Legislative Representative, District Director #5

Michael Melot

Picture text: "I like being the voice for our students and helping them have a successful educational experience. We want them to be equipped with the tools for the next step in their lives, the next grade, college, trade school or career." - Michael Melot, District Director #1

JoAnn Tracy

Picture text: "I love being an Orting School Board Member because I truly love and want the best for Orting kids. I have lived and taught in this district for many years and have come to know and appreciate many of the families that live in Orting! Our kids need and deserve the best when it comes to schools, learning advantages, and extracurricular programs, working together we can make it happen!" - JoAnn Tracy, WIAA Representative, District Director #2

Kathy Madigan

Picture text: "Having worked here for over 25 years, I have friends, coworkers and families I have known, and they continue to be important friends to me. I have OHS alumni and present OSD students in my family. OSD is part of my daily life." - Kathy Madigan, District Director #4


Posted 01/010/2023