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Learn how this OSD Substitute Special Education Teacher Inspires Today's Students

"I want to be an advocate for those with disabilities."

Along with her passion for education, Orting School District (OSD) Substitute Special Education Teacher Rebecca Muchmore wants to inspire students with her story of overcoming odds despite having a learning disability.

Muchmore is an Orting High School (OHS) Alum, graduating in 2009. Due to her learning disability, she was part of the district's special education program, getting assistance in reading and math.

As a student, Muchmore never put limits on herself, participating in many extracurricular activities.

"I was a normal kid with learning disabilities," Muchmore said. "I was able to do regular things. I did high school sports, choir. Nobody can stop me from doing what I love."

After graduation, she would earn an associate's and a child development associate (CDA) in early childhood from Green River College in Auburn.

Next, she attended the University of Washington-Tacoma, earning a bachelor's in interdisciplinary arts and science.

Muchmore says her resiliency and self-confidence allowed her to reach her achievement and hopes she inspires other students.

"I was able to do a lot of things by myself," Muchmore said. "I want students with disabilities to be an advocate for themselves."

As an OHS Student, Muchmore credits the overwhelming support she received from her family, teachers, and OHS Principal, Cliff Fries.

"Rebecca is a resilient, positive, and genuine young lady," Fries said. "Her work ethic in the class, on the field, and in our community is impressive. I will forever remember her as my student-athlete—and now my colleague."

Muchmore wants the entire Orting community to know that those with barriers can achieve the same success as everyone else.

"Give them a chance," Muchmore said. "Don't just pass them off. Give them a chance to develop as they grow. Disabilities can be invisible too. I struggled a long time focusing on things. Don't just look at the physical disabilities."

Muchmore is also working on earning her master's in special education from Grand Canyon University.