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Thank You, voters: from Superintendent Ed Hatzenbeler


Hello, Orting School District (OSD) Families and Community.

I am writing this letter today to thank all of you for using your voice to vote in yesterday’s special election.

Currently, according to the Pierce County Elections Office, OSD’s 2022 Replacement Enrichment Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy is passing with 53% of our community's votes. Even though they still have remaining ballots to count, it looks like the final results will be a win for our students. Our local youth will deeply appreciate the majority of our community's decision to continue to help fully fund OSD with your local levy dollars. 

Our current 2-year levy, which expires at the end of this year, has allowed us to add more sports, clubs, academic and social-emotional resources, and equitable transportation for our students, expanding opportunities and preparing them for success in and out of the classroom and life after graduation. Because our community's majority approved this 4-year replacement levy, this will help us extend these avenues and pave new routes for our students, challenging and growing them into critical thinkers and upstanding citizens. 

Also, the board of directors and I want to ensure that those who were not in favor of the 4-year replacement levy are not feeling ignored. Between your emails, phone calls, and our Listen and Learn Sessions, we heard you, and we want to continue to be transparent to address your concerns. Also, we will always be committed to hearing your input and constructive criticism for our district. In the end, it helps us continue building OSD into an environment where all students have every opportunity to succeed. 

Last, I want everyone in our community to understand that I have an open-door policy. Since I began my tenure here at OSD over half a year ago, one of my top priorities has been to build trust with as many community members as possible living within our district boundaries. Whether your question is about OSD funding or operations, or if you even need clarification on any district information, I'm here to help you.

Together, we can provide an educational experience for our community's youth that will make everyone proud of OSD, and this vote to approve the levy will help us do that. 

Thank you again!

Best Regards, 



Ed Hatzenbeler, Superintendent

Orting School District


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