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Education Support Professionals Week

March 13 through the 17 is Education Support Professionals Week! Education support professionals (ESPs) are crucial team members ensuring students get a quality education. They support school functionality, classroom learning, health and wellness, maintaining our schools and more. They are our bus drivers, secretaries, technology team, custodial and maintenance staff, paraeducators, food service, and security service. We appreciate all of our education support professionals for all that they do everyday for our schools and students!

Each day this week on social media, we will be highlighting some of our amazing ESPs. 

Jerri Silvernail

Jerri Silvernail, ELL paraeducator

Jerri Silvernail is our ELL paraeducator at Orting Primary School. Jerri is our most senior employee with 34 years with OSD! We appreciate Jerri's dedication to our students and are thankful for the time that she has put into the district! Thank you, Jerri, for all that you do! 

Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen, Lead Maintenance

Eric Hansen is our Lead Maintenance for our Facilities Department. Eric has been with OSD for the past 9 years, and we truly appreciate Eric's dedication to our schools and students! Thank you, Eric, for all that you do! 

Kevin Holm

Kevin Holm, Computer Techician

Kevin Holm is one of our Computer Technicians at the OSD central office. This is Kevin's second year at OSD, and we appreciate his dedication to keeping all of our technology running and working smoothly! Thank you, Kevin, for all that you do! 

Lynnette Lutchdorf

Lynnette Lutchdorf, Bus Driver

Lynnette Lutchdorf is one of our school bus drivers! This is Lynnette's 25th year at OSD! We appreciate her dedication to our students and the time she has put into our district. Thank you, Lynnette, for all that you do! 

Laura Fischer

Lovey Fischer, Orting High School Secretary 

If you know Orting, you know Lovey. This is Lovey's 34th year at OSD. She started off as a bus driver for 16 years before taking a leave of absence to join our School Board. She then returned as an employee as the OHS secretary for the past 8 years. In the photo above, Lovey is seen in a group picture in front of a school bus from years ago!
Thank you, Lovey, for all that you do!


Posted 3/13/2023