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Earth Day: High School Students Release Salmon into the Carbon River, and How Our District Has Supported the Environment with Paperless Fliers

April 22 is Earth Day, which represents the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.
Earlier this month, Denise Thompson's science class from Orting High School released salmon into the Carbon River at the levy behind the school. This project is in partnership with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Voit Creek Hatchery. The project started off with 250 eggs last November. Students were tasked with monitoring the water quality every day and once they hatched, they had to feed the fry. Once old enough, we released 237 eggs into the Carbon River. Not all the eggs made it due to eggs not hatching, and some fish never learned to eat. Thompson's class has been doing this project for the past five years with a 94 percent survival rate. 
Students work on releasing fish into the Carbon RiverStudents wait to release their fish to the Carbon River
Photos by Cian Squires, Orting High School student
Student release salmon into the Carbon RiverStudents work on releasing fish into the Carbon RiverStudents release salmon into the Carbon RiverStudent release salmon into the Carbon RiverStudents release salmon into the Carbon RiverStudents release salmon into the Carbon River

Project Benefits

Washingtonians rely on healthy, harvestable populations of salmon to support a robust economy, feed orcas, maintain recreation opportunities, and fulfill obligations to Native American tribes. Our students learned how to raise threatened and endangered species in a safe captive environment for eventual release into a natural setting. This work, along with habitat restoration, can help boost and support wild populations of fish and aquatic wildlife.
Community Request: Thompson shared that her class would love to add another fish species to their project. If anyone in the community has a chiller and/or tank that they are no longer in need of, please contact Orting High School for a possible donation!

Orting School District Reduction of Paper Fliers Supports the Environment

A couple of years ago, the Orting School District partnered with Peachjar, an e-flyer distribution system. OSD uses Peachjar to connect with community partners and approve fliers for distribution in our school community. The fliers are posted on our website under the Peachjar button and parents receive email notifications of the fliers. Peachjar's mission is to unite communities to help children thrive. A key component to that is ensuring the future of the earth. Since partnering with Peachjar, OSD has saved 850,222 sheets of paper and 102 trees since launching Peachjar. That's a whole lot of trees and paper!
Click here to learn more about Peachjar and how to submit fliers to our district.

Posted 4/22/2024