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Thanking Our Fantastic Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 through 10. In 1953, the former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt started laying the groundwork for what would ultimately become Teacher Appreciation Week. However, a day to recognize teachers didn't become a national celebration until March 7, 1980, after joint lobbying efforts from the National Education Association and some state boards. In 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association designed the first full week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week. 

This year, we asked our community to submit nominations of teachers they would like us to recognize. We want to thank all of our teachers throughout our district for all that they do for our schools and students. 

Traci Walters, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary

Kindergarten teacher

Traci Walters

"Mrs. Walters is so amazing, meeting my son where he is at and what his needs are. He is a wiggly and silly type of kiddo-she is consistent and communicative with him, setting tangible expectations for him. My son's kindergarten experience has been amazing because of her... she is always willing to let us know how we can support him at home or reinforce what he is learning. We are so very grateful for her!" - Ashley

Collin Griebling, Orting Middle School

Band teacher

Collin Griebling

"Griebling has begun to shape the band program in unimaginable ways. His constant consideration and effort that he always puts into each individual musician is something so rare." - Emily

Janna Kesterson, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary

Fifth grade teacher 

Janna Kesterson PTR

"My student has had the pleasure of having Ms. Kesterson as his 4th and 5th grade teacher. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she cares about my student's well-being in every way. She has been so supportive, helpful and downright amazing. I am so very thankful for her and we will surely miss her next year." - Whitney 

Phelicia Porter, Orting Elementary School

Kindergarten teacher

Phelicia Porter OES

"Mrs. Porter has an outstanding ability to lead, inspire, and motivate kids to be the best they can be. Her communication with parents is transparent, and she strives to be a positive role model for the community." -Dellacia

Julie Bannan, Orting High School

Special Education teacher

Julie Bannan OHS

"Julie goes above and beyond to teach my son. She is an out-of-the-box thinker that works hard to make sure students reach their potential. My son has blossomed with her as his case manager." - Karen


Valerie Patterson, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary School

Life Skills teacher

Valerie Patterson PTR

"'Mrs. Val' is always quick to respond to questions, open to discussing anything and addresses all questions or concerns in a timely manner. She has the absolute best interest for her students at heart and in her actions. She is gentle and kind. Thank you!" - Annette

Brittnee Smith, Orting Elementary School

Fourth grade teacher

Brittnee Smith OES

"Brittnee has gone above and beyond to make sure my student feels included! She has been his teacher for two years. My child has just been diagnosed with ADHD, and Brittnee has been nothing short of amazing. She treats my child with respect and helps to encourage their daily progress. I have seen my child grow so much over the last year. I honestly don't think I could thank her enough." -  Amber

Jeremiah McNinch, Orting High School

Spanish teacher

Jeremiah McNinch OHS

"Mr. McNinch is always happy and makes learning easy and a fun activity!" - Ireland

Dana Ostling, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary School

Fourth grade teacher

Dana Ostling PTR

"She always goes above and beyond to make sure every child in her class is individually recognized and appreciated. Her students get to express their strengths, and she helps them with their weaknesses. She encourages her students to be who they are, and it's ok to make mistakes and teaches them how to correct their mistakes for next time." Alysia

Tiffany Seeley

Second grade teacher

Tiffany Seeley OES

"Throughout the year, she has been so helpful with my daughter. My little has had a rough couple of months, but Seeley has been such a support not only to my little, but to me as well. My daughter absolutely loves her class. Thank you, Mrs. Seeley!" - Cheree

Megan Whelan, Orting Elementary School

Preschool teacher

Megan Whelan OES

"Ms. Megan Whelan always finds ways to engage with our students in learning; sometimes she sings a silly song, or gets the bubbles going to connect with students at every ability. Thank you, Megan, for all you do. It is a joy to serve alongside of you!" - Colleen

Erin Boyett, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary

Kindergarten teacher

Erin Boyett PTR

"Mrs. Boyett is an amazing, attentive, and hardworking kindergarten teacher! She makes sure families are always in the loop and part of the team! Her energy and compassion for her students makes my son excited about going to school every day! Mrs. Boyett has made the first year of school a positive and memorable experience." - Janelle

Thank you to all of our teachers, and thank you to our community for taking the time to submit our form to recognize our wonderful teachers!


Posted 5/6/2024