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Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight

Congratulations, class of 2024! As our seniors prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives, we asked them to share with our community their highlights from being a student at OSD, and their plans for their future. We couldn't be more proud of our students, and couldn't be more excited about seeing where the future will take them! 

Alexie Kennedy

Alexis Kennedy

  • Extracurriculars: Throughout my high school years, I have been very involved in FFA and served as the WAFFA DII president.

  • High School Highlight: Making friends and finding something I am passionate about.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Carlson, because he has been a constant supporter and very kind.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Everything you say and everything you do matters! You have a purpose. It's ok to make mistakes; that's how you grow.

  • Future Plans: Attend Washington State University and major in agricultural education.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I hope that I own my own house with some property. I also hope I am teaching and making an impact on others and helping them grow!


Conrad Michael Bursack

Conrad Bursack

  • Extracurriculars: I have been in music production for the past five years, making my music career debut on an Italian artists' album in 2021. 

  • High School Highlight: Most definitely being an exchange student and football season. I had never played football before, but it was a sport that I had always wanted to play. It made it easier to make friends. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Polly. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She makes students feel like they are being listened to and are cared about. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Always complete your work the day it is given to you. School is easy if you get used to it. The first year might be hard to adapt to, but it is easier than you think. The faster you do your work, the more time you have to yourself. 

  • Future Plans: I will probably go to university, but I am currently in the process of starting my own fashion brand. It is called Bursack Shop!

  • Future Fast Forward: That is a difficult question because I have so many aspirations! But, from what I am doing right now, I see myself being in the top fashion brands in the world. 


Angel Andrade

Angel Andrade

  • Extracurriculars: I participated in indoor percussion, drumline and volleyball club.

  • High School Highlight: Going to WGI for indoor percussion and winning first place with the best snare section in the Lincoln High Schools Drumline competition.

  • Staff Shoutout: Ms. Shelly Smith and Mr. Fries. They helped me figure out my future and pursue something bigger. Mr. Peterson, Mr. Buroker, and Ms. Burns - each one of these teachers has helped me make school so much more enjoyable than I thought it'd be.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Don't worry so much about your future, take your time to learn and get the hang of things as they come. You'll figure out what you want in time, but for now, just enjoy how things are!

  • Future Plans: Attend Clover Park Technical College to study to become an aerospace engineer.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I plan on working at Delta and living in Edmonds with my girlfriend. I hope to also be playing impact percussion for the Blue Knights.


Hannah Gorham

Hannah Gorham

  • Extracurriculars: I volunteered at Angel One and I worked with my dad.

  • High School Highlight: Making friends and finding something I am passionate about.

  • Staff Shoutout: Becoming close to teachers, seeing them every day, and knowing they were there for me.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Have fun now, because time goes way too fast. You have time to be a kid, so enjoy it!

  • Future Plans: I am thinking about becoming an electrician like my dad or do road construction.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I plan on being in Montana with my future husband and kids, doing what I love!


Laura Thordarson

Laura Thordarson

  • Extracurriculars: I am a four-year varsity cross-country athlete, club officer for the OHS Sports Medicine club, served three years on the state board (currently as co-presidents) for the Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association, National Honor Society Officer, and a track and field athlete. 

  • High School Highlight: Being involved in the sports medicine program. Shadowing our Athletic Trainer Renee Smith, I gained many hours of hands-on experience working with injured athletes. I became a State Officer and worked on the state Sports Medicine Board for three years, and this past term had the honor of working alongside Mrs. Smith as she was elected to the secretary position.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Renee Smith, our medical class instructor and athletic trainer at OHS. She has helped set me up for success after high school the past four years. Three other staff members that have made a significant impact on me are Mr. Carlson, Mrs. Mayfield, and Ms. Madigan, who was my second grade teacher at Orting Primary School. I am eternally grateful for the help of these adults in my educational career.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Get involved outside the classroom. Set yourself up for success by finding what you enjoy doing and getting hands-on experience before you graduate. This will help you get a better idea of what you want to do career-wise, so you're not wasting any time or money after high school! Apply for scholarships before your senior year, and don't stop even when it gets repetitive. That money will follow you.

  • Future Plans: Attend Oregon State University in the fall to pursue a bachelor's of science in kinesiology. From there, I will go on to medical school to become an ER doctor.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I will have graduated from medical school, working in an Oregon hospital helping treat patients in the emergency room. I hope to have all school debt paid off and to make a significant impact on my community.


Karli Brown

Karli Brown

  • Extracurriculars: My main focus was being a part of the National Honors Society.

  • High School Highlight: Probably doing hybrid learning my freshman year. It allowed me to step out of my bubble while still being in an environment where I felt comfortable.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Marcy at Daffodil Valley Elementary in the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District. She helped challenge me in many ways, like giving me more advanced work. She also helped make me the best student and person I could possibly be by teaching me everything I need to be successful in life.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Nothing is impossible! Keep working hard to accomplish what you set your mind and heart to.

  • Future Plans: Attend Pacific Lutheran University and study to work in the medical field.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I imagine seeing myself working in the medical field as an RN or a labor and delivery nurse.


Abe Krissoff

Abe Krissoff

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Mayfield and Mr. Portillo impacted me the most throughout my high school career.

  • Future Plans: Attend Bates Technical College.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I hope to be busy with money.


Gracie Stobie

Gracie Stobie

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in varsity soccer and bowling as well as select choir.

  • High School Highlight: Going to football games.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Mayfield because she has always pushed me to do my best.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Enjoy your time in high school before the real world hits.

  • Future Plans: I am planning to graduate with my Associates Degree this year, but outside of high school, I am committed to the University of Washington in Seattle and majoring in pre-sciences. After UW, I plan to continue my education in hopes of becoming a neuroscientist!

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I hope to be working in the neuro field.


Travis Karren

Travis Karren

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in football and wrestling.

  • High School Highlight: Having the ability to participate in sports and Running Start.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Thompson, our STEM teacher, because she let me be creative.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Turn in your work and don’t procrastinate.

  • Future Plans: Attend Boise State University.

  • Future Fast Forward: Ten years from now, I plan on getting paid as an engineer.


Makayla Jones

Makayla Jones

  • High School Highlight: Seeing the faculty at Orting High School support the students and see them succeed.

  • Staff Shoutout: Ms. Rewitz. She was so supportive and did whatever possible to help you succeed.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: DO THE WORK TO GRADUATE!

  • Future Plans: I am currently set out on my mission to Ensenada, Mexico. After I am finished with that, I am thinking about pursuing a career as a caregiver in the medical field.


Mylo Toney

Mylo Toney

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in the media club, yearbook, and competed in state competitions for photography.

  • High School Highlight: Having a support system when I got into high school. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Mayfield and Mrs. Barrientes made an impact on me.

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Trust the process and be yourself.

  • Future Plans: I want to become a digital marketer for Microsoft or Google.

  • Future Fast Forward: 10 years from now, I hope to be working as a marketer for a big company and own a house.


Alex Guevara

Alex Guevara

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in the Board Game Club and volunteered at the Orting Food Bank.

  • High School Highlight: Being a part of the clubs.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Wagner. She helped me throughout my time here in Orting. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Try your best. 

  • Future Plans: I plan to go to college at Seattle University and study accounting. 

  • Future Fast Forward: 10 years from now, I hope to be graduated from college, working in my career, and buying a house. 


Gabriel McMillen

Gabe McMillen

  • Extracurrciulars: I participated in the Orting High School Drumline, Indoor Percussion, Jazz Band, Honors Band, Solo and Ensemble, National Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Knowledge Bowl, e-Sports, and weightlifting. Along with that, I was the Band President, Drumline Captain, and a National Honor Society Officer. I am also the founder of the Battle of the Sound, an Orting High School drumline competition, and volunteered at St. Andrew Catholic Church. 
  • High School Highlight: Performing with the Orting High School drumline and creating the Battle of the Sound competition. 
  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Buroker for supporting me and my ambitions with music. And Mr. McCarthy for making science and physics entertaining. 
  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Dare to innovate and be the best you.
  • Future Plans: Attend the University of Washington to pursue degrees in engineering and cybersecurity while continuing to compose music.
  • Future Fast Forward: I am the founder and CEO of Sonus Rhythms, so I am hopefully expanding my business and on my way to earning millions. 


Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

  • Extracurrciulars: I was involved in Creative Writing club and I volunteered at the Orting Food Bank.
  • High School Highlight: Participating in sports and Running Start. 
  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Thompson because she let me be creative. 
  • Future Plans: I plan on attending Clover Park Technical College for their avionics technician program. I would ultimately like to work for Boeing. 
  • Future Fast Forward: In 10 years, I hope to be working at Boeing. 


Zoe Sorenson

Zoe Sorenson

  • Extracurrciulars: I played soccer for Orting High School. 
  • High School Highlight: Going to football games. 
  • Staff Shoutout: Rewitz. She was always so helpful and nice. 
  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Make the most of your time in high school because it won't last forever.
  • Future Plans: I plan on attending Eastern Washington University to study dental hygiene.
  • Future Fast Forward: In 10 years, I hope to be a successful dental hygienist, living in California, with my husband and kids. 


Rafe Sabin

Rafe Sabin

  • Staff Shoutout: Hernkind and Naz because they really helped me throughout high school.  
  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Don't procrastinate. 
  • Future Plans: I plan on working with my dad as a laborer and then, when I turn 18, get my CDL permit and eventually become an operator for vac trucks. 
  • Future Fast Forward: 10 years from now, I hope to be balling in a big house. 


Ruth Douglas

Ruth Douglas

  • Extracurrciulars: I participated in the choir at Orting High School. 
  • High School Highlight: Definitely being in the choir and getting to go to competitions. 
  • Staff Shoutout: Ms. Bertrand, she's always the sweetest teacher I've met and has been nothing but kind and understanding. She has helped me further my knowledge of agriculture.  
  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Waiting until the last minute to do things is a bad way of getting through your education. 
  • Future Plans: I plan on attending Tacoma Community College for their radiology program and eventually becoming an ultrasound technician. 
  • Future Fast Forward: In 10 years, I hope to be living a stable life with a secure job. 


Echo McQuay

Echo McQuay

  • Extracurrciulars: I participated in drama club, and I was on the Equity and Dignity Cohort for the School Board. I was also part of the Murder Mystery Dinner we did for a fundraiser for drama club. 
  • High School Highlight: Meeting the people I am now closest to.  
  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Fries and Mrs. Burns have been there for me since they met me, and it has meant so much to me. I lost my dad in my sophomore year and my mom was really sick for part of my freshman year. No matter what happened, Mrs. Burns always had a way for me to make up a test or something I missed because of family stuff. The day my dad died, I sat in Mr. Fries’s office, and he comforted me and offered to bring me anything I needed, including my mom who was all the way in Tacoma at the time. These two people always did their best to make sure I got to where I am today, and I’m beyond thankful to them both. 
  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Don’t entertain the drama, it’ll consume you. Your time is better spent getting the things you need done. It’s funny for a while, but it gets exhausting. The earlier you learn that, the better. 
  • Future Plans: I plan on taking some time to learn more about myself and get my personal life together before going down to California to further explore my love for acting and theater! I’ve looked at a few intensive programs that span over a couple of weeks that I could take to further my knowledge too. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m okay with that. I’m excited to have the freedom to choose. 
  • Future Fast Forward: Hopefully, in 10 years, I’ll be acting in a small theater or maybe even a show or movie if I’m lucky!


William Cavanaugh

William Cavanaugh

  • Extracurriculars: I have been a member of the drama club since my sophomore year, and was president for two of those years. I've also taken part in the Gay/Straight Alliance club, National Honors Society, and the Dignity Cohort for the School Board. 

  • High School Highlight: I've loved going to dances, whether it be homecoming or prom, they're always a blast and an amazing way to spend your nights. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Ms. Babcock, she taught me nearly everything I know about acting, and I couldn't be more thankful. Without her, I wouldn't be able to share my skills and passion with Orting and, maybe one day, the world. She's been more than a teacher, she's been a mentor, and an amazing one at that. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Do the right thing. It's always hard, and you'll always see injustice, especially in the school setting. But, if anything, I encourage those younger than me to stand up for what is good, fair, and just for all individuals around them and for themselves. 

  • Future Plans: I plan on attending University of Washington in Seattle. I am currently enrolled in pre-sciences, but I am more than likely to go into physics. 

  • Future Fast Forward: 10 years from now, I hope to be working in a research facility as a physicist. By then, I hope to be married and starting up a family. 


Mikayla Jeffreies

Mikayla Jeffries

  • Extracurriculars: I was the Orting High School Daffodil Princess, and I was also an ASB Executive Officer, on the golf team, and an Orting School Board Representative. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Mrs. Ahmann and Mr. McCarthy were the most important people that have helped shape the person I am today. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Don’t be someone you are not just to impress people. Authenticity will get you so much further. 

  • Future Plans: I plan on attending Grand Canyon University to study biomedical engineering. 


Emma Bowers

Emma Bowers

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in wrestling, cheer, track, and soccer. I also volunteered for OJC's cheer program, being a trainer from the ages of four to eight for the past two summers. 

  • High School Highlight: My highlight at the Orting School District was being the first girl in Orting history to commit to wrestling in college. 

  • Staff Shoutout: The staff member that made an impact on me was Mr. Squires. He was my track coach for 6 years and my teacher for three years. He taught me how to be a respectable person and athlete and is always there when I need him. He is one of my biggest supporters in everything I do. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: My advice to younger students is always work hard, stay focused, be humble, and always believe in your abilities, even if others don’t. 

  • Future Plans: I am attending Hiram College in Ohio to study biology and to also continue my wrestling career. 

  • Future Fast Forward: In the next 10 years, I imagine myself rehabilitating wildlife and starting a family. 


Ethan Janosik

Ethan Janosik

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in football, track and choir.

  • High School Highlight: The friends I've made. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Squires from Orting Middle School because, as a track coach, he taught me so many life skills along with the sport. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Learning how to prioritize is really important.

  • Future Plans: I will be attending Pacific Lutheran University this fall. 

  • Future Fast Forward: In 10 years, I imagine myself traveling. 


Finn Jones

Finn Jones

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in music.

  • High School Highlight: Finding lifelong friends.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Buroke as he has guided me towards success in life and in general. He has given me great life advice.

  • Future Plans: Create a career in the carpenters union. 

  • Future Fast Forward: I hope to be a Foreman in a Carpenters Union. 


Casey Chen

Casey Chen

  • Extracurriculars: I had a job outside high school.

  • High School Highlight: I am going to miss the staff.

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Nasinec made the biggest impact on me. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Do your best.

  • Future Plans: I plan on attending university in the future.


Ivy Fehd

Ivy Fehd

  • Extracurriculars: I was involved in band, drama club, and marching band.

  • High School Highlight: Probably making lifetime friends in marching band. 

  • Staff Shoutout: Mr. Buroker. He's always been my favorite teacher because I've made the most memories with the band, and he has made a few of them amazing. No matter the situation and no matter what we are doing, he always encourages us to do our absolute best. He has helped us with much more than just music. He has given us pretty solid life advice, and he seems to really care. 

  • Advice for Future Cardinals: Even though you may hate school, don't take it for granted. Take every opportunity that you can, you'll make the best memories that you'll be talking about for years to come. 

  • Future Plans: I want to further my experience and education in the culinary arts to hopefully one day open my own bakery or restaurant. 

  • Future Fast Forward: Working as a prep cook in a kitchen, working my way to the top. 


Congratulations class of 2024!


Posted 5/31/2024