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Updated Academic Calendar due to Recent Snow Days

 March 1, 2019

Dear Orting Community,

Many of you have been wondering how the recent snow days will impact our academic calendar and if the Orting School District will apply for waiver days. We appreciate your patience while we have been reviewing the guidance from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

The Orting School District will not apply for any waiver days due to a minimum requirement to meet an average of 1,027 hours of instructional time for students. We also believe that making every effort to make up missed days is valuable to support student learning.

As you know, we had four snow days here in Orting. We have two snow day make up days built into our calendar on February 15th and May 24th which means we still have two more days to make up. This will impact our academic calendar in the following ways: 

  • Friday, May 24 there will be school. It will be a normal Friday schedule.
  • The last day of school will be moved from Wednesday, June 19 to Friday, June 21.
  • Thursday, June 20th will be a normal school day.
  • Friday, June 21st will be a half-day with the following dismissal times: 
  • OHS 10:15am
  • OMS 10:25am
  • PTR 11:55am
  • OPS 11:45am

You can find an updated academic calendar by clicking here.

Graduation will still be held on Wednesday, June 12th. However, seniors are still required to make up two days to meet minimum number of school days. Orting High School administration and staff are finalizing plans to offer academic activities and will communicate opportunities via email to all OHS seniors and their families, on our website, and on the Orting High School Cardinals Facebook page.

Whether it is a cancellation, delay or make-up day, we understand that adjustments to the academic calendar can be inconvenient for staff, students, and families. This is why we aim to make those decisions only when absolutely necessary to support student safety and learning. If you have any trips planned during any of the make-up days, please communicate with your child’s school in advance so that those absences can be marked accordingly. 

Thank you for your understanding and support throughout our recent inclement weather and as we work together to get all students ready for college, careers, and life!


Dr. Marci Shepard