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2019 Lahar Drill Report

Thank you for support during our annual Lahar drill that occurred on May 10th. We love seeing our staff and community come together around student safety. Plus it’s great to see everyone come together for a walk in the sunshine!

We are proud our performance! All students made it to "safety" in 48 minutes - shaving two minutes off of last year's time! With the input from our community partners, we are able to look at the drill through different areas of expertise and discuss ways to reach our goal of 45 minutes.

Attached you will find a more in-depth review of our drill that summarizes our successes, areas for growth, and recognition of the numerous community organizations that shared in this effort. The City of Orting also made this video which highlights how the drill comes together. We look forward to the opportunity to improve even more next year!

2019 Lahar Drill Report - Download