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Congratulations September Character Heroes

Look all around! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's Orting students, staff and community members exhibiting acts of strong character! Congratulations to all these individuals nominated in September as a Character Hero!
👉You can read about their contributions to a culture of caring in Orting at:
👉Nominate someone at:
👉Or volunteer to help the School Board select two students to be recognized as Character Hero of the Month by emailing Bonnie Christian at
-Alina Lombardo
-Mariah Smith
-Jacob Lombardo
-Joseph Maxfield
-Nicco Rosendale
-Jaylynn Tuscherer

Staff and Community
-Jill Garcia
-Garrian Frey (and the OHS Volleyball Team and Booster Club)
-Kaitlin Gleason
-Jeff Salzer
-Tracey Bober
-Anitra Villanueva
-Jason Garcia
-Jessica Kemmerer
-Matt Hundven
-James Pirello
-Daneene Rakes
-Lynne Tifft
-Nathan Weathers
-Anne Milhorn
-Natalie Decker