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Strategic Planning Updates

Strategic Planning Team

October 1, 2019 Meeting

Our Strategic Planning Team had our first meeting. This team is engaging in a strategic planning process that will be used to set a long term vision and goals to support student success for the next 3-5 years. Our current strategic plan expires in 2020. Our team will use input from stakeholders to inform our work.  At this first meeting, we shared our current vision of "All students ready for college, careers, and life" and our three strategic goals around quality teaching and learning, effective operations, and communication and collaboration. We also reviewed input from students, staff, and community members about their hopes for Orting students. We learned together about current educational research and state requirements. We then analyzed our current vision statement to see where that input and information was or was not reflected in it. 

All of the materials from the meeting are posted here. Even if you are not on the planning team, we invite you to follow along our journey!

I want to thank the staff, community, and school board members who attended this meeting and are engaging in this important work. 

Strategic Planning Meeting #1 Presentation

Strategic Planning Meeting #1 Supplemental Materials