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New Student Pick-up/Drop-off Procedures at PTR

We are focused on student safety as a priority at Ptarmigan, and we have noticed a place of concern within our parent drop-off and pick-up. In an effort to improve safety for our students, we will conduct a trial run of new pick-up/drop-off procedures at our school from December 3rd until December 20th.

Beginning December 3rd, pick-up and drop-off of all students will occur at the back gate. Cars will be directed to enter off of Whitehawk and go behind Orting Middle School to access the new location. They will then exit down Gratzer Ave (the gravel road between OMS and PTR) towards Old Pioneer. You can find a route map below for reference.

During this trial, you will notice an increase of staff collecting data around the impacts, which we will use in collaboration with your feedback to make an informed decision on if the trial run is something we want to permanently implement at our school.  Thank you for partnering with us to provide the safest environment possible for our students, staff and community.