Pierce County Skills Center Update: March 19, 2020

We want to share some important information from Pierce County Skills Center:
Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate how we can continue to provide meaningful learning opportunities during this time. PCSC classes definitely pose a unique challenge - our primary focus is designing activities/assignments that directly align with your industry certifications and/or dual credit. Our teachers are using this week to create online resources and learning new technology & platforms to help keep you connected.

A few reminders:

1. Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation and it's changing on a regular basis. We will do our best to continue to provide you with accurate information and updates.

2. You should receive initial information from your teacher by Monday - if by Tuesday morning you have not please email your teacher directly with an updated email address, or if you don't have access to your teacher's email, email info@pcskillscenter.org and include your full name and updated email address.

3. Teachers will be using a variety of platforms and resources that best fit with their program.

4. Whether it is email, or another platform your teacher is using, please make sure you are checking in on a daily basis.

5. The probability of earning dual credit and certifications is directly connected to successfully completing/participating in the activities provided by your teacher.

Most importantly, please let us know if you are having issues that impact your ability to access or complete assignments. We are here to help!!